Paying for Child Care

Vermont’s Child Care Financial Assistance Program

The Child Care Financial Assistance Program is designed to help families pay for child care for children birth through age 12. Sliding scale awards are made to income-eligible families qualifying under one of the following service needs:

  • Parents working or in school;
  • Parents who are self-employed or have recently started a business;
  • Parents seeking employment;
  • Parents participating in training activities through Economic Services Reach Up program.
  • Families with a level of stress that creates an at-risk situation;
  • Families with parents or children who have documented physical or mental health needs;
  • Families with children substantiated as abused or neglected and under the care of protective services.

To learn more about it, visit the Child Care Financial Assistance page.

Windham Child Care Association determines eligibility for this program.

To apply:

  • Visit our office;
  • Contact one of our Eligibility and Referral Specialists, Jeanna – ext. 318, or RoseAnn- ext. 317, or
  • Print and fill out the application and mail it to Windham Child Care Association, 130 Birge St, Brattleboro, VT

Once eligibility is established:

  • The State of Vermont will pay a weekly rate (depending on eligibility) when your child attends child care.
  • You pay your child care provider directly for any balance over the weekly rate contributed by the State of Vermont.
  • As long as you communicate with your provider ahead of time, you may take 10 vacation days per fiscal year and the provider will still receive their weekly amount.
  • The State of Vermont may cover sick days for your child; call your Eligibility Specialist for details.
  • You must report all household changes within 10 days.

Publicly Funded Prekindergarten

In 2014, Act 166 was signed into law which mandates that all Vermont three and four-year-olds have a right to access publicly funded Prekindergarten for 10 hours a week, 35 weeks a year.  Currently, some school districts in Windham County offer Public PreK; some provide it in their public schools, and others provide PreK funding for children to attend prequalified private preschools. All Vermont school districts will have to implement Public PreK by the 2016/17 school year.  The school district will pay each provider $3000 per child to be deducted from the child’s tuition for the 10 hours of preschool over 35 weeks, or provide the PreK in the school building.

For more information about Public preK: