Finding Child Care

Windham Child Care Association’s Child Care Referral Program

Finding child careFinding the right child care program can be difficult and time-consuming. Our Eligibility and Referral Specialists will help you in your search. Our Eligibility and Referral Specialists will

  • ask you about your children, the type of care you are seeking, the geographic area and hours of care needed. Allow 15-20 minutes for this conversation.
  • identify the available child care and school-age options that meet your needs.
  • send you a packet (via email or post) with profiles of potential programs, information about paying for child care, and tips on identifying quality care.

Please note: we provide program options; we do not provide recommendations.

By phone: 802-254-5332 x254

For online referrals:  Complete the online referral form below and our Eligibility and Referral Specialists will contact you to discuss it at a time convenient for you. 8:30am-4:30pm, evenings and weekends by appointment.