Starting a Child Care Program

In Vermont, you must be Registered or Licensed to provide care for children from more than two families. The first step is to determine the kind of child care program you want to offer.

Starting a child care programYou will need to follow the application process for Family Child Care Homes if you want to provide care:

  • In your home; and
  • For no more than six children under the age of six plus four school-aged children (only two of the children under 6 can be under the age of two).

You will need to follow the application process for Licensed Programs if you want to provide care:

  • Outside your home; or
  • In your home, but for more children than listed above for family child care homes.

This includes licensed child care centers, afterschool programs, licensed family child care homes, and non-recurring child care programs. The number of children you can care for is based on indoor and outdoor square footage, completed building fire safety inspections, any local zoning ordinances, and the number of qualified staff present within a program.

Click here for information on application process