Children’s Integrated Services

Children’s Integrated Services (CIS) is a resource for pregnant or postpartum women and families with children from birth to age six.

The CIS Child Care Coordinator oversees the Child Care Financial Assistance Program for Specialized Service Families, which are:

  • Child with a Special Health Need is for children who need to be in child care based on a doctor’s or special education worker’s recommendation
  • Protective Services are children who are in Department for Children and Families (DCF) custody or whose families are actively working with DCF
  • Family Support Child Care are families who demonstrate their high-stress situation to an inter-agency team (DCF, Reach Up, Early Education Services, CIS Early Childhood and Family Mental Health, and Early Essential Education), who reviews the applications and approves or denies the financial assistance based on the level of stress. Family support is a short term solution while the family works on identified goals.

Support for Specialized Service Child Care

  • Assist child care providers in achieving Specialized Service status
  • Support child care providers in their work with Specialized Service Families
  • Provide general support to Specialized Service Child Care Providers
  • Answer questions from child care providers about CIS, DCF, Child Care Financial Assistance, Specialized Service Child Care, transportation, and more

Providing Specialized Service Child Care

Children's Integrated ServicesProviders that are considered specialized services receive a 7% increase in financial payments from CDD. Providers can obtain specialized child care status by attending the Basic Specialized Child Care (BSC) training. They are then required to complete six additional hours of Advanced Specialized Child Care training annually in addition to the training hours required to maintain program license or registration. BSC training is a six hour course that goes over typical and atypical child development, temperament, the impact of stress and abuse on development, red flags, working with families and the system, as well as mandated reporting responsibilities. BSC training provides resources and strategies for providers working with children requiring specialized child care. A panel of local CIS and DCF professionals is put together to provide a question and answer forum for participants. BSC trainings are offered twice a year through Windham Child Care Association’s professional development calendar.