1983 NewsletterWindham Child Care Association was established as a true community grass roots organization by Cathi Wilkens, a local and concerned citizen, who turned her barn into the beginnings of an office. Cathi donated her time as she led a core group of child care providers to formalize their ideas and activities. From there, the organization was established as the first child care resource and referral agency in Vermont.

At the time, there were only enough child care centers and family based providers to accommodate 50% of the children who needed care and only 15% of the programs were considered to be high-quality. These numbers have changed dramatically in thirty years as the availability and quality of child care in the region has steadily been trending upward.

In time, the agency has grown to become the region’s primary resource for meeting the needs of the child care community: working parents, child care professionals and children. While our focus is on early childhood (ages 0-8), we serve children up to age 13 through our bookmobile, family services programs and professional development workshops.